What is Document Management?
Document management is how your organization stores, manages and tracks its electronic documents.
According to ISO 12651-2, a document is “recorded information or object which can be treated as a unit”. While this sounds a little complicated, it is quite simply what you have been using to create, distribute and use for years.
What is Document Imaging?
Document imaging — Process of capturing, storing, and retrieving documents regardless of original format, using micrographics and/or electronic imaging (scanning, OCR, ICR, etc.). (ISO 12651-1) Electronic imaging — technique for inputting, recording, processing, storing, transferring and using images. (ISO 12651-1)
What is Indexing?
Document indexing is the process of associating or tagging documents with different “search” terms. ndexing is a path to the documents. That path is based upon your business processes and your staff.
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